Cabling Design Build Engineering

CDIS provides interior and exterior CAD engineering and drafting services for our telecommunication cabling design and build applications. We professionally design data cabling solutions following Federal, State, and Municipal building codes.

CDIS has the experience and proven history to provide a complete advanced telecommunication infrastructure to include planning, design, and full building capability. CDIS involves comprehensive methods to collect customer long-term requirements and technology needs.

CDIS main goal is increasing efficiency and reducing cost to all parties, our engagement approach is flexible. CDIS can represent the customer, general contractor, or the engineering firm, providing detailed and comprehensive planning, design, and implementation.

Our CDIS engineering team offers standardized, but flexible processes that establish the framework for executive decision making. Our solutions include detailed specifications, and processes. Our team approach is the key to the success in providing easy to understand design clarity that results in project resolution and cost justification.

Cabling Design-Build Considerations – Planning Is Key

The telecommunication design of a multi-location, complex or single-building data infrastructure now requires the combining of resources and conduits for a multitude of data networking needs. Today’s data transfer requirements can encompass computer network, VoIP, fiber-optic, CATV and/or security and surveillance cabling in the mix. Planning for current and future requirements are now put into consideration for any cabling design – build project.

Three primary cabling infrastructure terminology is involved when designing and installing a system for present and future needs include the following:

  • Horizontal Cabling – Typically installed in a star configuration and refers to horizontal distribution cabling links to communication outlets in any given work area.
  • Backbone Cabling – Backbone cabling is typically installed with separate dedicated cables to horizontal and intermediate cross-connects.
  • Intra-building Cabling – The intra-building backbone provides the connection between the main cross-connect within the building and the horizontal cross-connect in other connected buildings taking into consideration distance and relay requirements.

TRIMBLE Design-Build Software

Trimble is dedicated to transforming the planning, design, construction and operation of buildings through advanced, accessible, intuitive technologies. Trimble’s portfolio of synergistic hardware, software and service offerings – built around Trimble Connect, their cloud-based collaboration platform – streamlines communication and collaboration throughout the Design-Build-Operate (DBO) lifecycle.

Trimble’s targeted solutions enables CDIS, Inc. to realize greater agility, efficiency and insight. Trimble’s software is our partner for solutions that blend groundbreaking innovations and practical features to helping CDIS achieve transformative results.