Building Security & Control

CDIS, Inc. designs and installs simple to advanced building security systems that monitor and control access privileges, mechanical and electrical installations, fire protection and escape, burglary, assault and emergency communications. CDIS has been counted on for evaluating and implementing outer perimeter, natural access, territorial, inner perimeter and interior security for numerous corporate and government entities across the United States.

CDIS, Inc. evaluates a location’s demographics and inherent features during the course of performing a building or perimeter security audit. We evaluate such variables as local crime rate, population density, the nature of surrounding land areas and building design characteristics to determine the optimal security measures for your location.

CDIS, Inc. has experience with design – build security engineering employing some of the security and access-control applications below and much more.

Network Integrity Systems Certified Partner

CDIS Inc. is a certified partner of  Network Integrity Systems. Founded in 2003,  NIS is an Integrated Cyber and Physical Security solutions provider serving the US Government, US Military and US Government Defense Contractors.

Common Perimeter & Building Security Measures

CCTV – Digital IP Surveillance Camera Systems

IP-based digital surveillance camera systems are the key component of most building security requirements today taking over the traditional analog CCTV camera security systems of the past. These digital surveillance camera systems are efficient, scale-able, provide high-quality color imagery, easy to manage and built for numerous applications and environments.  CDIS, Inc. also possesses capabilities for multi-complex security systems complete with the building and installing of full scale monitoring and recording management centers.  We are also well-versed with setting up camera surveillance applications over long-distances and for areas with limited power access using PoE and line-of-site transfer solutions.

Access Control

CDIS, Inc. has extensive experience working with numerous Fortune 500 companies and municipal, State & US government agencies implementing a wide range of perimeter and building access control systems.   From effective systems allowing access through the use of key card, key fob, or PIN numbers to advanced fingerprint, iris, retina and other sophisticated access control applications.

Biometric Building Access Control

Biometric scanning building or internal access control technology is based on the advanced concept of recognizing an individual based on the unique features of their face, voice, fingerprint, signature, DNA or iris pattern. Some systems require a combination of these features for access.  Biometric security access systems are intrinsically linked to an individual entity ensuring that only that entity gains access with a digital record over traditional access that can be easily compromised through theft, collusion or loss. Examples of biometric access control systems include:

  • Fingerprint Scanning Access
  • Iris and Retina Scanning Access
  • Facial Feature Scan Access
  • Voice Recognition Access

Motion Detection

CDIS, Inc. employs several motion detection technologies configured to trigger lighting, alarm and/or audio/video recording of motion in any given large-area perimeter, multi- and single building area.  Some methods of motion detection that CDIS employs are:

  • Passive infrared (PIR) is commonly used on residential properties and works by detecting changes in infrared energy caused by body heat.
  • MicroWave (MW) detectors are often found on commercial and industrial properties and detect motion by analyzing microwave pulses that are emitted across a desired space. MW detectors allow for larger areas to be monitored than PIRs.
  • Area-reflective motion detection uses emissions from LEDs to monitor movement within a lighted area.
  • Ultrasonic detection is similar to the MV detection but ultrasonic waves are used.
  • Vibration sensors are cost-effective options that measure vibration to detect motion.

Building Control Systems

CDIS, Inc customizes business control systems to provide customers the means to intelligently control their facilities. Whether you need a new system or to integrate with an existing one, we cater to the unique specifications of your building to deliver superior results.

  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning plant and equipment to suit internal and external conditions or programmed requirements
  • Data collection for maintenance and resource management, particularly energy use and analysis
  • Programmed responses to suit anticipated emergencies, e.g. defining smoke-free zones and escape routes in the event of fire
  • Security interlocks, surveillance and access control

Types of Building Control Systems

Building Automation System (BAS)

Controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, and fire and security systems.

Energy Management System (EMS)

A system of computer aided tools to monitor and track energy generation and transmission to optimize energy efficiency.