Directional Boring & Trenching

In many cases installation of data cabling involves trenching & other excavating services to implement. CDIS, Inc. has the equipment and expertise to do the job right the first time.

CDIS Corporation. provides underground construction trenching and boring installation services for private and public utility and telecommunication distribution entities. CDIS employees are professionally-trained and certified to meet safety regulations and industry installation standards.

CDIS possesses the necessary equipment to meet most installation needs. Concrete walls, sidewalks, curbs, streets – CDIS has extensive experience with drop buries of telecommunication cabling for most any common obstacle encountered during an installation. Our latest trenching and directional boring equipment makes the installation of cabling more efficient and less disruptive to your business operations and environment.

Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling

Infrastructure Conduit Durability

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) increases the lifespan of conduits and other buried cabling and other structures by reducing its exposure to the elements. Directional drilling advantages are evident through being able to run conduits under buildings, driveways, streets and even rivers avoiding all forms of elemental exposure.

Reduced Installation Time & Expense

Every aspect of horizontal directional drilling saves time and money through requiring less equipment, manpower and time resources to complete a project.  The process also displaces less dirt, thus no excessive time or cost replacing it.

Reduced Environmental Disruption

Directional drilling displaces less soil and requires a small operating footprint to practically eliminate damaged landscaping and street structure displacement and getting the area “back-to-normal” soon after a project’s completion. Directional drilling also reduces soil contamination by pushing soil to the side while boring instead of bringing it to the surface.

Reduces Permit Requirements

Because directional drilling reduces or eliminates environmental disturbances, manpower, excessive construction debris and inherent construction safety concerns, there are less regulations and permits required for its operation.

Directional Drilling Entities We Service

CDIS, Inc. provides underground construction trenching and boring services for:

  • Corporate Construction
  • Telecommunications Companies
  • Government Construction Contracts
  • General Contractors
  • Commercial Land Developers
  • Residential Construction Developers