Our Services

Cabling Design Build Engineering

CDIS provides interior and exterior CAD engineering and drafting services for our design and build applications. We professionally design data cabling solutions following Federal, State, and Municipal building codes.

Air-Blown Fiber Systems

Employing the latest technology in fiber-optic data applications, CDIS offers air-blown fiber-optic installation services that allow scale-of-economy for future expansion of growing network data needs.

CCTV – IP Camera Surveillance Solutions

CDIS Corporation is a leading innovator in installing and configuring high performance security surveillance networks. The company has gained extensive experience in the installation of surveillance camera systems for both, traditional coaxial analog closed-circuit television systems and the advent of digital IP-based network cameras with advanced digital recording, infrared (IR) night-vision, pan-tilt-zoom and other features. [...]

Building Security & Control

CDIS, Inc. designs and installs simple to advanced building security systems that monitor and control access privileges, mechanical and electrical installations, fire protection and escape, burglary, assault and emergency communications. CDIS has been counted on for evaluating and implementing outer perimeter, natural access, territorial, inner perimeter and interior security for numerous corporate and government entities across [...]


The value of an organization lies within its information — its security is critical for business operations, maintaining credibility, and earning the trust of clients. Businesses today must employ systems to secure this vital information and protect their reputation.  CDIS Corporation assesses the vulnerability and threats to your information assets and provides the critical cyber-security services [...]