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Data Communication Cable Trenching & Boring Solutions

virginia data cable installation companies

Underground Construction Services

cable trenching and boringCDIS Corporation. provides underground construction trenching and boring installation services for private and public utility and telecommunication distribution entities. CDIS employees are professionally-trained and certified to meet safety regulations and industry installation standards.

CDIS possesses the necessary equipment to meet most installation needs. Concrete walls, sidewalks, curbs, streets - CDIS has extensive experience with drop buries of telecommunication cabling for most any common obstacle encountered during an installation. Our latest trenching and directional boring equipment makes the installation of cabling more efficient and less disruptive to your business operations and environment.



We provide underground construction trenching and boring services for:

  • Corporate Construction
  • Telecommunications Companies
    Government Construction Contracts
  • General Contractors
    Commercial Land Developers
    Residential Construction Developers
virginia data cable installation companies